MONANEX Next Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange


Anonymous trading

No identity or documents needed. Total privacy and anonymity ensuring your identity. No daily withdrawal limit.

* Documents needed only for fiat operation

FIAT operation

More then 15+ deposit and withdrawal methods are available. Including credit or debit cards, bank transfers.

Bitcoin & Ethereum - FIAT

ICO Contributors will be able to sell cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa on current market's prices - NO FEE. Standard users will be charged 2% fee.

Trading Fee

Trade Monanex (MNX) coin to alts for 0 trading fee with vision to maximize traders profits. Bitcoin/Ethereum to alts 0.01% trading fee. ICO Contributors 0% trading fee in all currency assets.

Multiple currencies

Convert your crypto assets into multiple currencies. There will be more then 100+ cryptocurrencies.

Digital wallet

Wallet will work on your Mobile / Desktop / Web. There will be 100+ most popular cryptocurrencies.


Store the vast majority of the digital assets in secure offline storage.


System will be able to process millions of orders with sub-millisecond latency. The whole system will be designed to be fully distributed, highly available, and auto scalable.


Become our Token Contributor by purchasing 4000 MNX tokens and more to get full access to our platform

FIAT operation

Withdrawal FIAT money with 15+ methods will cost 0 fee


Sell / Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum to fiat on current market's prices with 0 fee

Trading Fee

Trading with Bitcoin / Ethereum / Monanex to Alt coins will cost you 0 fee



Start of the company

09, July

A new team members

06 - 24, October

Has join 2 software, 2 Blockchain developers and 1 UX/UI specialist.

Monanex exchange

14, November

Started exchange development after few months of system architecture design.


Landing page & Social network

12, February

Lauch landing page with ICO system and created facebook / twitter social pages

Monanex token

19, February

Developed ERC20 Monanex (MNX) token with max supply: 200,000,000

Token sale

10, March

1st Round token ICO. It will be 3 rounds. After ICO unsold tokens will be burned.

Web wallet & Tokens

20 - 24, May

After ICO web wallet will be ready for use by the general public. All tokens will be transferred to your wallet.

Token burn

25, May

Unsold tokens will be burned.

Crypto exchanges

4, June

Monanex (MNX) will be added in 2 major crypto exchanges.

New team members

1 - 30, June

Expending developer team with 3 - 5 new members.
Hiring social media and advertising expert.
3 new support team members.

Mobile / Desktop wallet

4, July

Mobile and Desktop wallets will be ready for use by the general public.

Crypto exchange

20, July

Monanex (MNX) will be added in one more major crypto exchange.

Starting marketing campaign

3, September

Exchange Testing

10, Sep - 10, Oct

Start testing monanex exchange by millions of orders in seconds. We will give opportunity to our token contributors earn more MNX tokens by testing monanex exchange system.

Exchange Launch

29, October

Monanaex exchange launch. All new users register on launch day will be able to trade with 0 fee for 1 month.

New team members

5 - 26, November

2 - 4 new customer support members, for faster and better customer support.


Mobile App

1 - 20, February

Monanex will release Mobile exchange app.